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Malcolm Coby, Jr.


We would like to introduce you to one of our great Car Care Volunteers, Malcolm Coby, Jr. and his family.  Malcolm referred several people to Godspeed Car Care Ministries for help with their vehicles.  Then one day Malcolm had a stream of oil coming from his own car and called needing help.   There were dozens of things that it could have been and there was only one thing that we, at Car Care could fix.    It turned out to be that one thing.  Malcolm was so excited; he went home and told his wife Monica that he wanted to be a part of this Ministry.   Malcolm and Monica’s story will bless you.

Judy Flatt

Judy Flatt is a single, retired school teacher.   She enjoyed her job so much she went back to do what she loved via substitute teaching.   Judy first came to Godspeed Car Care Ministries for help with her car over ten years ago.  Since then she has moved to a different state and come back to the OK City metropolitan area.  We rekindled our friendship and have worked on her vehicle many times.   Judy often uses her gifts to encourage others and she brings us a lot of joy.

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